The Tripod of Fitness

Training vs. Nutrition?

Training or Nutrition? Which is the way to reach your goal?

IT’S NEVER A CHOICE. ALWAYS BOTH! Neither can carry you forward alone.

But which is more important? 1-2 hours of powerful training versus 22-23 hours of nutritional support along with rest and recovery.

It’s a tough call; both are strong sides, indispensable for shaping body composition! A TUG-OF-WAR BETWEEN TRAINERS AND NUTRITIONISTS IS SENSELESS. Their role is complementary to each other. Neither can get results without the other. Relative contribution of nutrition and training may be approximately 60:40. The role of Training always precedes Nutrition. But it needs Nutrition to carry the baton across the finishing line.

Training jump-starts the process of change, and Nutrition ensures its completion.

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