Different Kinds Of Whey Protein Supplements For Bodybuilders

best whey protein powder

Everyone is aware that protein is the best supplement for bodybuilders and athletes. You will be able to get the protein you need by taking the whey protein supplement. The supplement helps you build muscle fibre and get the energy needed for the workout. Whey occurs in food and is high in biological value because of the presence of leucine. So, what is whey protein? How does it help us maintain our health?

What is whey protein?

We derive our whey protein from animal milk and whey denotes milk serum. About 20% of the milk is whey and the rest is casein. Whey is good because it has all the 9 essential amino acids in it and is soluble in water, unlike casein which is not. The best sources of whey (apart from the whey supplement) are cheese, crackers, cookies, and bread.

We need to understand that there are three types of whey. Whey consists of protein along with minute amounts of minerals, lactose, carbohydrates, and fats. We use different processes to get the whey but all these processes are involved in the processing of cheese. So, whey is a by-product got during cheese making. The ingredients of whey will depend on the type of manufacturing process we use such as ion exchange or micro-filtration. If we use the proper method, we can get the best whey protein powder.

Let us see what types of proteins we get are and why they are so.

WPI and WPC protein types

Any supplement that has less than 90% protein by weight (but more than 20%) gets classified as whey protein concentrate (WPC). They produce this through the ultrafiltration method. As per the industry standard, WPC85 refers to supplements having 85% protein. The rest of the content in the supplement is milk derivatives, lactose, fats, and minerals. They do not cost as much as the other supplements but the bioavailability of proteins is less. Another downside is that it has lactose and will not suit those who are lactose intolerant.

Whey protein isolate (WPI) doesn’t have lactose in it. In this pure protein form, all fats and lactose get eliminated. So, the protein concentration is 90% or more. We use the method of ion exchange to produce this supplement. The advantage of this form of supplement is that it suits lactose-intolerant people and it has the greatest concentration of protein in it. The downside is that they do not taste so good and are expensive. But, undeniably, they are the best whey protein supplement you could use for your workouts.

Whey protein blends

The third form of whey protein is the blend that has both WPI and WPC. it is popular for a reason and that is it is easy to digest. They are midway in cost between the other two protein supplement types. If the blend has more Isolate in it, they will cost more.

You will have side effects when you begin to take whey proteins. These include bloating, passing gas, and allergies. To avoid these make sure you have no allergies to protein supplements before you order your pack. Also, get an estimate of the amount of proteins you will require for your workout so you don’t overdo it.

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