How Glutamine Supplement Is Beneficial For Workout Addicts And Athletes?

glutamine supplements

When you train intensely, you deplete the Glutamine levels in the body. Though it is the most abundantly found amino acid, it will take up to six days for Glutamine levels to reach back to normal levels. Glutamine supplements become the most important thing for athletes and fitness freaks during their workouts. Glutamine works in many beneficial ways to keep our body in top condition.

Better athletic performance is noticeable

The first noticeable thing when we take the best glutamine supplement is our improved performance. We do not get tired fast and our recovery is also quick. Therefore, muscle breakdown is minimized due to better protein metabolism. On the other end of the scale, we do have stress build-up when we exercise. This is due to cortisol, the stress hormone. When there is catabolic stress in the body, the Glutamine output from the muscles increases. So, the use of Glutamine supplements will improve the anti-catabolic effect.

Due to the increased metabolic activity, oxidative stress increases after a workout. Due to the processing of nutrients for radicals are formed. Glutamine helps to neutralise this by increasing the amount of glutathione, the body’s internal antioxidant.

Increase in the energy and metabolic activity

The citrulline production in the intestines increases when we take a Glutamine supplement. This produces arginine in the kidneys which is a precursor to creatine, nitric oxide, and growth hormones. So, we improve the metabolic activity and the energy level at the same time. Better flow of blood in the vessels helps augment tissue recovery and growth. When strain in the body is high, one of the key indicators we notice is the marked decrease in the testosterone compared to the cortisol levels. Glutamine helps to improve this ratio for the better.

Indicator of the inflammation of the heart muscles is the high level of C-reactive protein (CRP). When the CRP levels become high, it can lead to a heart attack, even when other indicators such as high-density lipoproteins and cholesterol are normal. It is observed that the intake of Glutamine helps reduce the high levels of CRP.

Higher need for Glutamine observed

Glutamine is used as fuel during your exercise sessions. Plasma Glutamine decreases during the occurrence of stressful events like intense training. There is increased demand for the uptake of Glutamine by the kidney, liver, adipose tissue, muscle, and immune cells. Decreased levels of Glutamine persist after a workout session for a week or more. Recovery time is essential for maximising muscle strength. Taking supplements will enhance recovery and decrease the severity of inflammation response.

Regulation of the acid-base balance is important in our body. Glutamine plays an important part in this equation Acidosis arises due to the increase in the lactic acid formation and increased levels of free fatty acids. A high protein diet also contributes to this condition. Eating Glutamine supplements is helpful because it helps improve the alkaline reserves of the body and helps counter the ammonia. Ammonia disposal is enhanced by the uptake of Glutamine in the kidneys and excreted in the form of urinary wastes.

Bodybuilders and athletes need to take enough Glutamine supplements. You need muscle recovery and protein synthesis when you do intense training. It is recommended that you take 5 grams of L-Glutamine during your training sessions.You can buy glutamine online from our portal Vigour Fuel, where you can be assured about the quality.

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