Popular Myths About Whey Protein Powder For Women Debunked

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It is not uncommon for women to hit the gym and if they do, they are going to need the protein supplement to keep going. It is remarkable how helpful whey protein is for those who work-out and do lifts and squats. The idea of exercising is to cut the fat from the body and improve muscle content. This happens when the exercise regimen is backed by proper intake of protein-rich food or protein supplement.

Whey protein is good for men and women

The most popular form of protein used to build muscles is whey protein. This has all the essential amino acids our body needs. There is a talk about how whey protein will make women bulky. This is wholly untrue because eating protein is not going to make you fat. Protein will help you sculpt rippling muscles because it is the building block of muscle tissue. Having a protein supplement will help satisfy your hunger and you will not have cravings. This will help you keep control of your hunger.

Women need more protein compared to men or not

Debate rages over the specific need of whey protein. Do women need it more than men? If so, then why and by how much? Women enjoy a bigger benefit from proteins than men do. This is due to the anatomy of the women who have different body functions compared to the daily metabolic activity of men. So, if a woman eats a whey protein supplement, it will help her a lot. Women must consume a recommended dose of 46 grams of protein every day. Women who are trying to lose weight will benefit more by having this whey protein supplement. To get whey protein online India go to our website and choose your pack.

Is bloating associated with whey protein supplement?

Among other myths doing the rounds, the next biggest one is that whey protein causes bloating. The only way for one to experience bloating is when one is lactose intolerant. Even if you are lactose intolerant, you can choose whey isolate supplement because this is a pure form of whey protein that has no lactose. You will not get any side effects if you have this.  Then, there is the belief among some women that high protein consumption might increase the level of testosterone.

Is there any danger of an increase in testosterone levels?

The amount of free testosterone in women is much lower compared to that of men. If you have a high carb with lots of fat, your testosterone level may increase. It is not true that high protein intake will increase testosterone levels in women. Another cause of concern is that many believe that protein powders will increase the risk of kidney disease. This is again baseless and there is no medical evidence to prove this point. So, consuming whey protein for women is safe and will not bring any problems with the kidneys.

The last point of contention is that whey powder is different for women. Yes, the needs of women are different from that of men. For this reason, the powder they use will have added nutrients that help their metabolic activity.

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