Secrets Behind the Fitness of Virat Kohli, the Genius Cricketer

It is said that people are born and legends are made. Virat Kohli is such a person and he is a genius cricketer, true performer, and legendary sportsman. He is one of the determined sportspeople who gives utmost importance not only to cricketing skills but also to stay fit. This is what makes him the superstar between the wickets. A good number of sportspeople are very eager to know about the secrets behind the fitness of Virat Kohli. It is not a mystery and here is the workout and diet plan of one of the best cricketers in the world.

Diet plan

The diet plan of Kohli is not so complicated. He loves eating home-cooked fresh food. He eats less to keep the body shape and is not the idea of staying fit. Virat loves eating food at the same time he is not a food junkie. He substitutes the fatty and junk foods with wheat crackers. This satisfies the need for in-between meals at the same time as keeping fewer calories. Virat gives utmost importance to good protein intake. A sufficient level of protein is so important for a person like Virat Kohli to keep the energy level and it promotes muscle building. Some of his favorites include Sushi, Salmon, and Lamp Chops. He is also not against using the best body supplements India.

Hydrated and fresh

Virat always loves to stay hydrated and fresh. He takes only mineral water and he is free from any health issues and water-borne diseases. He very much knows that poor water is one of the best reasons for most of the diseases and health issues. He prefers drinking only good quality mineral water. It helps him to stay healthy and active during the tours and to deliver a stunning knock between the wickets to keep the heat on his fans.

Workout plan

Everyone knows that Virat is one of the fittest cricketers in the world. His quick sprints between the wickets and cracking shots evidence these facts. He is so serious about staying fit and stay disciplined on the field and off the field. He is engaged in regular fitness exercises before the match during the practice sessions and is just a single part of the fitness schedule. He is regular at the gym and stays strict to his workout routine.

He is engaged in 5 days of workouts with two-day rest. He keeps a powerful and perfect combination of cardio and weight exercises. This exercise structure is what gifted him with lean and strong muscles, toning lower body muscles, good body strength and great stamina. The end result of his fit body is the strong arm during fielding, cracking shots using wrists and lightning-fast running between the wickets.

So, it is your hard workout, a good diet, and pure water, and most importantly, your commitment is what makes you really fit. And keep in mind that when you workout at gyms, your body needs a sufficient level of protein and hence make use of one of the top bodybuilding supplements in the country for the purpose.

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