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Welcome to Vigour Fuel™

At Vigour Fuel™ , we believe that having both Healthy Mind & Body will take you further than having only one. That’s why we believe in offering scientific knowledge, best authentic nutritional supplements since 2010.

Do you know that more than half of sports supplements sold in India are fake*. Such supplements dupe the consumer of his hard-earned money and pose a serious health threat. Since the counterfeits/fakes mostly look identical to the original pack, it is extremely difficult to tell them apart from the genuine supplement. In such a market, flooded with counterfeits, unregistered and low-quality supplements, there was a dire need for a sports supplement company that assures authenticity, purity, performance & value at the same time.

Vigour Fuel™ founded in 2010-11 by ADEESH AGROFOODS not only ended the counterfeit menace, www.vigourfuel.com (“Site”) that lists no 3rd party seller, no middlemen, fulfills and ships authentic products direct to the customer and offers comfortable price points at the same time continues to delight the customer with best tasting products. No wonder, it quickly became consumer’s favorite, and is now the trustworthy brand in the sports supplement’s category, synonymous with, authenticity, quality & cutting-edge performance at an honest price. This achievement has been possible due to our strict adherence to the following principles.


Our passion for bringing the international-grade fitness supplement has made us look around the world to source the very best ingredients. Driven by the desire to exceed your expectations to create a path-breaking formulation with unmatched taste. We aim to be a sports brand that gives you international-grade quality supplements and 100% safety assurance at a genuine price.


At Vigour Fuel™ quality doesn’t end at procuring the finest raw materials. The manufacturing of the final products takes place at FSSAI, ISO22000-2005, WHO GMP certified state of the art plant, which means that your supplement undergoes rigorous testing and multiple quality checks before it reaches you. In order to give more power to your reps and sets, we at Vigour Fuel™  work hard to ensure international safety standards. Vigour Fuel™ products are tested in accordance with FSSAI standards to assure you complete safety and the highest degree of quality. Put your worries to rest, because it takes a lot for a supplement to become a Vigour Fuel™  supplement, your trusted fitness partner.


Vigour Fuel™ not only takes purity seriously but guarantees it. It’s a brand in the world that empowers a fitness enthusiast to verify the authenticity of their purchase by scanning authenticity check barcode. Each Vigour Fuel™ product carries a unique, non-duplicable code.


“Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Happy Life”