Explore the Facts about Soy Protein Isolate

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Soy protein isolate is extracted from the soybean by separating its various components. This dry, powdered food ingredient contains 90 to 95 percent of proteins. It is free from fats and carbohydrates. We can obtain all the required amino acids to aid our muscle growth.



Soy protein isolate is a low calorie supplement. You can gain around 120 calories for each serving. When compared to your daily recommended calorie intake, this comprises just about 6 percent.



You can ensure a healthy heart by consuming 25 grams of this supplement per day. However, the quantity of intake depends on various factors like your diet, the amount of physical workout and others.


Carbohydrate content:

The processing methods of soy protein isolate are so designed that maximum removal of carbohydrates takes place. This results in concentration of the protein content in this supplement. However, it is the carbohydrates, which provide us the required energy to carry out our regular activities. Ensure that you take carbohydrate rich foods while using soy protein supplements.


Fiber and fat content:

In general, these protein supplements have the least fiber content. However, a few manufacturers choose to add fiber, making your efforts of body building effective. Make sure that your product doesn’t contain too much saturated fat as it increases the risk of your heart troubles.


Major concerns:

  • Metal contamination: The processing methods of soy protein isolate can sometimes result in metal poisoning.


  • Pesticide risk: It is found that genetically modified soy is completely resistant to the pesticide namely glyphosate. It is claimed that eating products, which contain soy protein supplement, can make you consume large quantities of this particular pesticide. Something good in this context is that our GI track doesn’t absorb the glyphosate.


  • Concentrated isoflavones: This is one of the most controversial aspects of soy intake. The isoflavones are the antioxidants, which can mimic estrogen. The intake of this antioxidant can result in increased bone density and also minimize the ill effects of hot flashes. The disturbing task is that there are chances that it can also result in breast cancer.

Despite a few controversial issues of soy protein isolate, they are least reported. Soy protein isolate India has always been the hot topic among body builders.

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