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When can i start expecting results?

You can start expecting results after about 3 months at least. Give your body some time. You did not get out of shape instantly so do not expect to get into shape instantly. The first few months goes in just learning correct form and right nutrition. Only after that you increase intensity to make a difference.

Make sure to train under a certified nutritionist and trainer in order to achieve desired results.

Do keep in mind that fitness is an Art as well as Science, its takes 100% scientific approach to reach your goal. The easier it seems, the difficult it is, else everyone would have achieved the best body on this planet.

Supplements are not magical pill, which gives you fortnightly results. They are just 10% of your whole nutrition. If your nutrition is incorrect, supplements will be of no good use.

If only supplements were able to deliver results, then the person with no money constrain will be the fittest person. But reality is opposite mostly rich people who got access to all supplements are the one struggling in the gym to lose fat and gain muscle.

It takes months and year of scientific training & nutrition and proper rest to achieve a perfect body.

I have some queries related to products?

You can find answers to all your questions in each products FAQ section.

I got so many doubts related to Supplements, Nutrition & Workout? Are they Safe?

Relax, you are at the right place.

We have incorporated our years of experience in bursting all the possible myths related to Supplements, Workout and Nutrition.  

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I need guidance on Nutrition & Workout?

Workout Plans: Coming Soon

Nutrition Bible: Coming Soon


Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

We accept only Prepaid Order via Netbanking / Credit or Debit Card / Wallets.


How long will delivery take?

Refer or Shipping Policy

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