BCAAs 6000, 55 Servings/400g

New -37% BCAAs 6000, 55 Servings/400g

What is Vigour Fuel™ BCAA Instantized 6000?

Vigour Fuel™ BCAA Instantized 6000 is Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) powder that's been "instantised" to allow it to dissolve and mix well in a shake. Our BCAA is an ultra pure powder containing the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine in a proven ratio. These essential amino acids have a similar structure to each other and play an important role in the development and preservation of muscle tissue. Of the three BCAAs, leucine appears to be the most important for muscle protein synthesis and can increase it by as much as 33%. It is for this reason that our BCAAs contain leucine, isoleucine and valine in the heavily researched ratio of 2:1:1.

Vigour Fuel™ BCAA offers 6000 mg of BCAAs in each serving.

How Are Vigour Fuel™  BCAAs Instantized 6000 Made?

It's important to note there is a fundamental difference between products advertised as "BCAA" and "BCAA Instantized".Instantised which our BCAAs have undergone a high tech manufacturing process. This ensures that when mixed with water, our BCAAs dissolve fully. Standard, cheaper BCAAs, when mixed with water cannot dissolve and 'lumps' float on the top of the liquid. This not only makes it harder to consume but also takes longer to reach the muscle. Here at Vigour Fuel™, we only manufacture BCAA as we believe in only offering products that achieve the best results for our customers.


What are the performance benefits of Vigour Fuel™ BCAA Instantized 6000?

BCAAs have a number of performance benefits. As discussed they are key to the growth, recovery and repair of muscle tissue, as well as the prevention of muscle tissue breakdown. This is of particular importance during and around intense training, as muscle cells can begin to breakdown. As BCAAs are metabolized in the muscles they can be used directly as an energy source when required, delaying the onset of muscular fatigue. BCAAs and in particularly isoleucine have been linked to the replenishment of glycogen stores, meaning that BCAAs can have a direct impact on the bodies energy levels, allowing for prolonged physical exertion.

How good is your Vigour Fuel™ BCAA Instantized 6000?

Vigour Fuel™ BCAA Instantized 6000 is subject to the same stringent checks as all our ingredients. We demand the highest quality, and for this reason all our ingredient suppliers must pass our thorough auditing process before being approved to supply. Our BCAA is packed and sealed in-house at our specialized production unit before being carefully packaged and delivered direct to your door. We perform frequent checks and independent testing on our product range to ensure that you receive only the finest quality nutritional supplements. 

What goes well with Vigour Fuel™ BCAA Instantized 6000?

Vigour Fuel™ BCAA Instantized 6000 works great with ZMA zinc and magnesium recovery formula boost recovery and increase natural testosterone levels. Also try adding 5g of Creatine Monohydrate to your Vigour Fuel™ BCAA Instantized 6000 shake. Creatine helps to increase explosive energy allowing for more intense training and lean muscle gains.

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