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Best Glutamine Supplement for Bodybuilding

Glutamine is an amino acid that occurs naturally in protein, which is scientifically proven to contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Within our diet, glutamine is most commonly found in meat, fish, eggs and soy making our range of glutamine supplements an excellent alternative source for vegans and vegetarians.

With glutamine supplements available in powder form, we’ve got you covered no matter your taste.

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Glutamine is one of the many amino acids in our body. Amino acids are the second-highest chemicals in our body by weight after water. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and work to keep our body healthy and in good shape.

Know About Glutamine

Glutamine is involved in the immune system of the body. Proteins are essential for the organs and also help transport essential items through the blood. It fights against bacteria and viruses. They exist as D-glutamine and L-glutamine. L-glutamine is found in food and supplements. It helps make proteins and takes part in many useful functions but D-glutamine doesn't seem to have any significant role in anything in our body.

Our body produces L-glutamine naturally and is the most abundant amino acid in our blood. There are times when our body doesn't produce enough L-glutamine such as during injury or illness. It becomes imperative to take this amino acid in the form of a supplement.

Impact on Exercise and Muscle Gain

Researchers were interested in determining the role L-glutamine played during the muscle-building process. They take part in the building process and the studies showed that there was no significant increase in the muscle mass when the study group took glutamine. What was significant was that there was a good decrease in muscle soreness and fatigue in separate tests. You get the the best glutamine supplement from our website. Visit it and pick the pack you like.

Effect on Intestinal Health

The health benefits of glutamine are because of its role in intestinal health. The intestines make up the largest part of our immune system. Apart from the immune functions in the intestinal cells, millions of bacteria change your immune functions significantly.

Glutamine provides energy for the immune and intestinal cells. They form a barrier between the body and the intestine thereby protecting you from a leaky gut. Toxins and harmful bacteria are stopped from moving to other parts of the body. It also helps in the normal growth of the intestine.

Boosts the Immune System

Glutamine provides energy for immune cells that includes some intestinal cells and white blood cells. When the need for glutamine increases, the body will break down the proteins in the muscle to produce the needed energy. High-glutamine diet or glutamine supplements are essential while treating burns and injuries.

The immune function gets compromised when the glutamine levels are insufficient. You can get best glutamine supplement online here only at Vigour Fuel.

Available in Many Food Items

Due to the high protein content, glutamine is found in many animal products. Most of us have 3-5 grams of glutamine each day. Here is a list of food items (100 g) and their glutamine content in grams.

  • Beef: 1.2
  • Egg: 0.6
  • Corn: 0.4
  • White rice: 0.3
  • Tofu: 0.6
  • Skim milk: 0.3

Safe Dosage and Side Effects

Glutamine is an amino acid that our body produces but when one is injured or sick, the production level falls. You can buy glutamine online to improve the levels and help improve the healing process.